Pay only your water consumption and not your neighbor’s

The constant rise of the cost of water makes it increasingly necessary to identify the water consumption within a specific community of owners. This puts an end to the unfair distribution in equal parts or by coefficients.

Reduction of the consumption

The amount of the community invoice will be reduced significantly thanks to the fact that the neighbors will be more careful with their own consumption. Penalties of the progressive tariffs applied by water companies will be limited.

Environmental Impact

The reduction in consumption helps preserve the scarce water resources of our island.

Simple and economic installation

The meter is installed at the water inlet of each dwelling, avoiding the installation of water meters in battery and its high costs and visual impact.

The readings are carried out via radio with no need to enter into the dwelling to avoid any inconvenience.
All the meters are read, whether neighbors are present or not.

The readings and the control of the functioning of the meters are insured by Dataread, company outside the Community, avoiding possible conflicts between neighbors.

Our system is suitable for any type of housing. You can request a quote directly or through your state agent.

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