Technical information


Reading of the meters via radio

Counter Diehl Metering

Thanks to the hydraulic optimization and low friction, an excellent metrological function is performed. High quality components withstand the most extreme operating conditions and ensure a long service life. It is specially designed to withstand hard water and impurities.

Radio module Diehl Metering

It collects the meter reading through a state-of-the-art inductive system that transmits radio frequency; this allows the remote reading. The electronics are equipped with the maximum protection: IP68, which ensures its operation over many years. It is prepared to withstand extreme temperatures, water, dust, and so on.


The meters do not need electrical connection, they have their own internal power supply.

It allows great flexibility for the installation.

Our system is designed to adapt to the needs of each installation. It is suitable with vertical, horizontal communities, small as well as large, both old and new.

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