The meter is installed in the water inlet pipe of each dwelling. It is usually in the laundry room, patio, and so on. The small size of the meter allows it to be installed in tight spaces.

Preparation of the report of consumption

The following concepts are included for each house:

  • Previous Reading
  • Actual Reading
  • Consumption in cubic meters
  • Amount to be paid in euros


Our technicians are responsible for the maintenance of the meters.
When you need to contact us, you can do so by calling to a landline, to a mobile phone, by e-mail or whatsapp.
The same person will always be attending your request without having to repeat the details in each call that you make, and thus avoiding cumbersome telephone exchanges calling a 902…


Reading is performed via radio. The readings are transmitted to our offices for further treatment.

Individual consumption control

Detection of leaks in the housing: toilets, faucets, private gardens, malfunction of osmosis equipment, and so on.

Control of Community consumption

Detection of possible losses in the tanks, underground pipes, irrigation, and so on.

The «Community consumption» is calculated by subtracting the sum of the individual consumption to the global Community consumption.

Often, a fault occurs in the Community tank as a result of a malfunction of the buoy. In this case, the excess water is discharged continuously to the sanitary sewer through the overflow.
We report the fact to the Community without delay.
If it is not detected quickly, the economic cost can be very high.


The water meter has a lifetime warranty.
In the event of a replacement, the meter is provided at no cost.

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